At Hamilton Education, we believe passionately that children need and deserve lots of opportunities to handle books. A direct connection with texts will help children learn to read, and there’s no better way for children to form that connection than to hold and turn pages of physical books, especially when they each have their own copies of the same text to share with their friends.

Hamilton’s Group Readers are specially designed to engage children and to enable them to read together in a small group, with or without the teacher.  Each child has their own copy and the texts are graded so that teachers can select the right books to suit the level of different groups of children. They are illustrated with lively, expressive pictures that capture children’s attention and help them focus on the words in the story. The characters are larger than life, fun and memorable, and Boris the Bat and Sid the Lemur recur in stories at different levels so children can follow their ongoing adventures. The group readers are built in to the Hamilton English planning, to enable teachers to build guided reading sessions into their daily literacy provision. 

We produce these books so as to make them accessible to all schools. We sell them as cheaply as we can in sets of 6, so that every child can read along with a small group of readers at a similar level. We have group readers across all genres, including non-fiction, diaries, letters, traditional stories, fantasy and poetry.  Of course, if you are a Hamilton subscriber, you can also download these texts and print them yourselves.

I hope you and your pupils enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them!

Ruth Merttens