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Grapheme cards: Years 1 & 2

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These grapheme cards are very useful for word building.  They come on A4 perforated sheets of card and break up into 50 x 52.5mm tiles that can be easily attached to your flipchart or whiteboard with double-sided tape, magnetic strips or your own favourite adhesive material.  They are printed in black Sassoon Primary typeface on a white background. 

This set contains 230 graphemes, 20 cradle tiles and 14 blank tiles and can be used with Year 1 and Year 2 children.   If you require sufficient graphemes for a Year 1 and a Year 2 class, please order two packs.

Sorry, these are no longer available in hard copy. 
These are now available as downloads if you are a Friend of Hamilton or on a School Subscription through the Hamilton Trust website.