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Dream on - pack of 6

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(KS1 Harder) 
Dream on by Ruth Merttens.
Children will develop their imagination with this charming and fantastical tale. Powerful imagery and description are used to help support the children's own writing as children are encouraged to explore the magical contained in the everyday. The beautiful hand-drawn illustrations help to support emerging independent readers as they follow the story.

Group Readers are short, illustrated books designed to be read with 3 to 6 children, working as a group.  They are sold cheaply at cost so that each child can have their own copy and can follow the text as it is read.  They are matched to the stages of learning phonics, from basic (linked to Code-Breakers Books 1 or 2) to more advanced (linked to Code-Breakers Book 4).  They can be used alongside any phonics scheme.

Used in Hamilton Flexible Blocks: Year 2 Spring Instructions
And also Hamilton Plans: Y2/3 Spring Non-fiction 2B Recounts