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Crocodile - pack of 6

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(KS1 - Easy)  
Crocodile by Ruth Merttens is a non-fiction text with an unusual structure.  It's simple language and narrative structure makes it exceptionally easy to read and the use of both wild life and zoo or safari park contexts means that many children can relate the information given to their own experience.      

Group Readers are short, illustrated books designed to be read with 3 to 6 children, working as a group.  They are sold cheaply at cost so that each child can have their own copy and can follow the text as it is read.  They are matched to the stages of learning phonics, from basic (linked to Code-Breakers Books 1 or 2) to more advanced (linked to Code-Breakers Book 4).  They can be used alongside any phonics scheme.

Used in Hamilton Plans: R/Y1 Summer Non-fiction 1B Non-chronological reports