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The Race Across the River - pack of 6

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(KS1 - Easy) 
This beautifully illustrated retelling of the traditional tale explains how each year came to be named after an animal. The Jade Emperor’s birthday celebration turns into an exciting race across the river. Which order will the animals arrive in? This lovely story offers an opportunity to discuss place numbers, as well as fitting in perfectly with teaching about Chinese New Year.

Group Readers are short, illustrated books designed to be read with 3 to 6 children, working as a group.  They are sold cheaply at cost so that each child can have their own copy and can follow the text as it is read.  They are matched to the stages of learning phonics, from basic (linked to Code-Breakers Books 1 or 2) to more advanced (linked to Code-Breakers Book 4).  They can be used alongside any phonics scheme.

Used in Hamilton Plans: Rec Spring Dragons and Chinese New Year